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The Cut Up Boys are one of those rare acts that can safely claim to have the midas touch. 2014 sees them releasing their 15th album for Ministry of Sound, the previous 14 dominating the compilation charts with 6 of them hitting the number 1 slot, cementing their position as one of the hottest production teams in the music industry. The Mash Up Mix series, produced by The Cut Up Boys for Ministry of Sound, is one of the most innovative and commercially successful musical franchises of recent times. Blending together a myriad of musical genres including House, Drum n Bass, Trance, Electro, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Indie, R+B, Hardcore and Dubstep into intricate, free flowing mash-ups, these iconic albums have been a bona fide sensation. Without exception all 14 albums released so far have gone gold and stuck to the top of the compilation charts like leeches. Having been commissioned for and produced over 200 pioneering mixes for BBC Radio 1 and performed in front of countless huge, adoring crowds at clubs and festivals from Dublin to Dubai, The Cut Up Boys have developed a large and growing cult following. Their reputation as “Kings of the Mash Up” is indisputible. Utterly committed to delivering the highest levels of creativity, originality and professionalism in everything they do, The Cut Up Boys are currently about as hot as it’s possible to get.

The Cut Up Boys are Nick Barnes and Matt Brooks, two DJ/producers from Dorset who earnt their stripes in the music industry during the halcyon days of British dance music. Already well known in the industry, they really started being noticed by the public when they were commissioned by BBC Radio 1 to produce a 30 minute “Cut Up Mix” for Dave Pearces drivetime show. The Cut Up Mix was broadcast every thursday from 7.30 to 8 pm and was infamous at BBC Radio 1 HQ for consistently sending the text system into meltdown as requests for information about their unique mash-ups poured in. A truly legendary series of broadcasts, over 50 Cut Up Mixes were broadcast by BBC Radio 1 and are now recognised as being seminal by music historians in terms of introducing the sound of the mash-up to the mainstream. Judge Jules was quick to recognise that a very special buzz was growing around Nick and Matts productions and enlisted The Cut Up Boys to produce the first 10 minutes of his massive Friday Radio 1 show. These wild “Cut Up Cuts” were an instant smash and are still spoken about in tones of hushed reverence by the dance music cognescenti. Such was the massive popular appeal of these radio broadcasts that The Cut Up Boys soon had the entire record industry on their case to make an album. Ministry of Sound were one of the very few labels to actually understand the true nature and potential of the mash-up concept and so the Mash Up Mix series was born in 2005.

As if such gold standard success in terms of music and radio production were not enough, The Cut Up Boys have also become one of the hottest live acts in the UK. Their unique mixing techniques and legendary commitment to the art of partying ensure that they are constantly flooded with requests to perform at clubs and festivals. The rammed, euphoric club nights and bouncing, whooping fields of festival goers have put The Cut Up Boys very much at the top of the list for promoters who want to draw a big crowd and see that crowd getting absolutely rocked. Today we find The Cut Up Boys at the very top of their game and ready to push their mind-blowing skills into new and uncharted territory.

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