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Scarborough has been harshly critical of Trump for more than a

cheap Canada Goose Trump’s ‘hoax’ tweet means the press has Canada Goose Jackets even more questions to ask cheap Canada Goose

When historians look back on the Trump presidency, they’ll say that last week was the moment something changed the week when uncomfortable questions about Russia moved into the mainstream in a whole new way. Trump’s odd behavior with Russian president Vladimir Putin got people talking last Monday, when the two men met in Helsinki, Canada Goose Outlet and the canada goose factory sale criticism continued all week long, evincing deep concern about the relationship between two of the world’s most powerful men.

canada goose deals And if Helsinki was fresh kindling for a raging fire, Trump poured even more fuel on it Sunday night. With the click of a button, he tweeted that “Russia” shorthand for the Russian interference campaign in canada goose black friday sale 2016 was “all a big hoax.” canada goose deals

canada goose coats on sale It remains canada goose coats to be seen buy canada goose jacket if Trump will take questions this week, or if press Canada Goose Online secretary Sarah Sanders will hold daily briefings. There have canada goose store only been two on camera briefings so far this month. canada goose coats on sale

But it is shaping up to be another week filled with questions about Trump’s loyalty.

canada goose black friday sale So President canada goose outlet Obama canada goose clearance sale knew about buy canada goose jacket cheap Russia before the Election. Why Canada Goose sale didn’t he do something about it? Why didn’t he tell our campaign? Because it is all a canada goose uk black friday big hoax, that’s why, and he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win!!! canada goose black friday sale

Donald J.

canada goose coats Related: Trump finds few defenders as news media covers his ‘betrayal’ canada goose coats

On any level it is astonishing to see a sitting Canada Goose Coats On Sale president contradict his own administration this way. Intelligence agencies, congressional leaders, and outside experts have all assessed that Russia was responsible for a sweeping attack on the US election in 2016.

Trump has given lip canada goose coats on sale service to this assessment, saying he accepts the intelligence community’s conclusions, while acting canada goose like he does not.

The repeated walk backs have sowed confusion and left the press corps scrambling to keep up. What should journalists take more seriously: Words Trump reads from a script, or his out of the blue musings on Twitter?

Canada Goose Outlet Most of the times when reporters have shouted questions to him in canada goose uk outlet recent days, he has declined to answer. So he’s done most of his talking in tweet form. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Parka He continues to cheap canada goose uk claim regularly that the Robert Mueller investigation into Russian interference in 2016 is a “witch hunt.” Numerous Trump administration officials say it is not a “witch hunt.” They also say the Russian effort is ongoing. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Jackets But on Wednesday, Trump left people wondering if he believes the Russians are still actively interfering in American Canada Goose online politics. Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket To be clear, Trump’s director of national intelligence Dan Coats says yes. Coats recently said it uk canada goose outlet was “undeniable.” buy canada goose jacket

But when ABC’s Cecilia Vega asked “Is Russia still targeting the US, Mr. President?” Trump responded “Thank you very much. No.”

canada goose Vega was one member of a small Canada Goose Parka press pool that was allowed inside the beginning of a Cabinet meeting. When canadian goose jacket Trump said “no,” Vega followed up: “No, you don’t believe that to be the case?” canada goose

canada goose clearance Trump was again heard saying uk canada goose “no.” canada goose clearance

canadian goose jacket News outlets sent out breaking news alerts. But then Sanders claimed he was saying “no” to answering questions from the press corps. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose sale This explanation made little sense because, after he told Vega “no,” Trump continued fielding questions canada goose uk shop from other reporters. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance sale So there’s ample reason for journalists to try to ask again: “Is Russia still targeting the US?” canada goose clearance sale

With regards to Trump’s treatment of Putin and Russia, national security experts and journalists have been citing the fact pattern and saying there’s something strange going on.

buy canada goose jacket cheap “No rational president would act this way if he weren’t being canada goose clearance blackmailed on some level,” Republican congressman turned MSNBC host Joe Scarborough commented. Scarborough has been harshly critical of Trump for more than a year. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose online Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo, a liberal leaning website, wrote that Helsinki “made cautious, prominent people start to come cheap Canada Goose to grips with the reality” that Trump is “under some kind of influence or control by a foreign adversary.” Canada Goose online

canada goose store This story remains, at its heart, a mystery. The Trump Putin meeting is still shrouded in secrecy. One way to solve a mystery is by asking the right questions until answers start to emerge canada goose store.

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